DogHouse Podcast # 23: Reboot!


DogHouse Podcast # 23: Reboot!

As we bid farewell to our great friend Sina, we welcome two new permanent cohosts in Jeff and Brandon, talk about our new show schedule and format, and the many exciting things coming to the table in the new Doghouse Network!

Technical Corner

Listener Ed wrote in asking about HDD-SSD combo hardware and how well they work for circumventing storage issues on smaller SSDs. Here is the link referenced by Keith and Jeff during the show

PC Gaming

We talk about what we’ve been playing lately, and Jeff and Brandon give us an early look into the game they’ll be reviewing on the next show, DeathSpank!

We also mulled over our first Discussion Topic: If you had to start fresh on a new account in Cataclysm, what character would you create? We invite you to join in the discussion on the forums!!

Under the Hood

Jeff and Keith talk about overclocking your video card, risk vs reward & useful softwares. Here are the links they reference

MSI Afterburner:

Contact Information

We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions! If you would like to submit a question for a future podcast you can leave a message for us at 214-705-3788 . Try and keep your message under a minute so we can play it back on the next show. We can also be reached by email: You can also follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook!

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