Computer Tip of the Week


Computer Tip of the Week

We’re working to bring the DogHouse Podcast back to it’s core which is being all about computers. To that end, we’re adding a new segment to the DogHouse which is “Computer Tip of the Week.” This segment is aimed at providing a tip or trick to make computing a better experience. This isn’t about fixing a problem, like our technical corner segment. An example of a very simple computer tip would be using hot keys, control-X/V, etc., to speed up word processing work.

While we intend to provide a CTotW every episode we want to encourage our wonderful community to get involved too.  If you send an mp3 audio file to in which you explain a computer tip or trick and we use it on the show we’ll send you a $25 J!nx code. If you lack the ability to make a recording an e-mail to the same address will suffice as well, though we prefer mp3s.

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  • jon
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 22:37 pm

    an easy to remember tip if your in school or the office and your teacher/boss is making there rounds Windows Key+M= it puts down the tabs you were looking at.


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