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DogHouse Podcast episode 64.5

I….just couldn’t take it and had to tell Brandon what’s up. Yes, a little late-night ninja podcasting! Enjoy. Direct Download.


#64 DogHouse Podcast – “We Found Brandon in the Supply Closet”

What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? We had an Intel visit! Sadly, were still under an NDA regarding all the cool future tech we got to see, but keep listening! More stuff is coming! Oh yeah, and Brandon’s back and has […]


#63 DogHouse Podcast – “It’s all Bigger in Texas”

What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? Clark is in Dallas and he, Keith and John rock it together. The Kerrigan rifle giveaway happened! Congrats to Daniel H. The website redesign is AWESOME and almost complete. Stay tuned! Technical Corner Our tech […]


#62 DogHouse Podcast – “Just the Two of Us”

What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? Bill Doran of Punished Props released another video of his work on the Kerrigan rifle for our big giveaway. Check it out: We have a redesign coming to coming very soon! Technical Corner Our tech […]


#61 DogHouse Podcast – “Off and On Again: A Dork’s Tale by Keith Stanley”

Lots happening all around here, so lets just get started! What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? We are giving away an amazing Replica of Kerrigan’s sniper rifle created by Bill Doran of Punished Props to coincide with the release of Starcraft […]


#60 DogHouse Podcast – “The Mayans were WRONG! ”

Tech Corner, some amazing CES news, and some cool stuff coming in this new Year! Let’s rock! What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? Clark is heading up to Seattle to visit with an Architecture firm (we talked some about this some […]


#59 DogHouse Podcast – “iDork”

We’ve got lots of amazing things to recap and a good deal of Tech Corner to cover today! Let’s get ready to rumble! What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? John and Clark were recently in Vegas at Autodesk University. AutoCAD programs […]


#58 DogHouse Podcast – “Clark Does Dallas!”

Oh dear…we’re all in the same room. Hijinks and awesome ensue. Let’s get started!! What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? What’s up here? Clark is here, that’s what! We are proud to announce that our very own Clark Petri is the […]


#57 DogHouse Podcast – “Bronies Unite!”

New Stuff at Doghouse Systems, we need a contributor, Tech Corner stuff about chipsets, and gaming talk! What’re we waiting for? I dunno either, let’s get started! (As a side note, since the show was recorded, we have added a […]


#56 DogHouse Podcast – “Keith is not a Dork, Keith is 56 Dorks”

We’re ready for Pandas, and ready for your questions and tips in this episode of the Doghouse!! What’s Up At DogHouse Systems? Not much to talk about yet. There’s some rumblings of a new case option in the Armor line […]