Back-to-School Laptop Specials!

8-7-14 Back to School

Back-to-School Laptop Specials!

Just in time for back to school! Check out our amazing deals on laptops and all the FREE stuff you can get!!!

  • FREE 80GB mSATA SSD w/ Intel Smart Response Technology
  • FREE Shipping within the continental US
  • FREE double memory (up to 16GB)
  • FREE Gaming Bundle from Intel!

What is Intel Smart Response Technology you ask? It’s the perfect combination of speed and storage needs!

80GB SSD + 750GB HDD = 1 incredibly fast drive

Smart response takes the files that you access most often and stores them on the SSD for fast access. You never have to worry about where you will save files because that is all managed for you!  It also learns your behavior over time to ensure your most used files are always accessed the quickest!  Check out this video to see the speed difference!

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