The Team

DogHouse Team Members

The Team

John Pryor

The Man in Charge

John is the head honcho and started the company in 2008 with a little more than a love of gaming and a dream to build the best gaming PCs ever.  He is a lover of eating seaweed.

The Team

Kim Price

The Girl

Nobody really know what Kim does at DogHouse Systems, but if you see something posted on Facebook or Twitter, she is probably behind it. She also tries to keep everything running smoothly.

The Team

Keith Stanley

Product Guru

Keith is the man behind the product. If there is something to know about PC gaming hardware he is the man! He will also be more than happy to help you with any problems that don't involve spiders.

The Team

Waldo Serpas

Chief Builder

Waldo is the build master! He ensures every single system that goes out the door has his stamp of approval.  His love for cable management is only surpassed by his love for pupusas.


The Team

Brandon Matthews

Old Man Franks

In a past life, Brandon was once the Evil Overlord of all space and time, ruling from the Apoclypse Throne with his army of Stormstroupers and Kaiju subjecting all tot his merciless will.  Now he lives a more quiet life where he spends his time gaming, writing and teaching his infant daughter (whom is the cutest kid in the world) the best ways to troll Mommy!

Also known as the infamous Old Man Franks in secret identity days!

The Team

Jim Illes


Jimbo is a person of many talents diverse interest & has a great passion for writing. Aside from his insane thirst for coffee, he is an avid mountain biker, artist, teck-geek & gamer.  Jim graduated with a BS (emphasis on the BS) in Network Admin & Communication Mgmt and proudly serves in the US Army.  Having made the mistake of placing his faith in the empire, Jimbos network (aka "The Fortress") is guarded by Clone Commander Wolffe & Capt Rex.