#43 Doghouse Podcast – “A New Podcast in an Old Republic”


#43 Doghouse Podcast – “A New Podcast in an Old Republic”

Just another day at the Doghouse Systems office...

We’ve got a new format to the show, starting with this episode! Plus Tech Corner, a SWTOR review, and much more!

Technical Corner

George is confused by the various Internet options available out there and wants to know the best Internet he can get for gaming.

Keith mentions a few options, but basically says that Bandwidth isn’t as important, Latency is the key. Below are the links he mentioned

Leatrix Latency Fix Script

PC Gaming

It’s time to review the newest entry to the MMO Market, Star Wars: The Old Republic! Read the review here!

We know most of our listeners already have the game already, so we’re going to give away a 60-day game card instead! To win, send us your most creative screenshot from within the game to contest@doghousenetwork.com with “SWTOR contest” in the subject line! Our winner will be announced on the next show!

Computer Tip Of The Week!

In our first new segment, we are happy to pass on a tip from Brice M! Brice M wins 250 Jinx.com gold for sending this to us! If you send us a great tip and we read it on the show, you’ll win 250 Jinx gold yourself, so send those tips in!

I have a little trick to get you possibly that little bit of extra RAM on those memory heavy games.

All you need to do is right click the short cut for said game, open properties and copy the “Target” line/box. It’ll be an .exe and needed to launch after step 2.

Next, do the age old CTRL ALT DEL and get your task manager. You are going to close explorer.exeunder the Processes tab. Doing so will free up about 300 megs of ram (especially in win7) and give you that little bit of extra memory to play with.

Last, you click File in the top left, New Task and the paste your “Target” that you copy/pasted. hit go and you’ll be all set.

Hope that helps some folks. It worked for me nicely until i was able to get a new rig.

Brandon also reiterates that Windows Security Essentials is an amazing thing and should be installed by everyone, right away.

What’s Up At Doghouse Systems?

We are happy to announce we are now shipping to the UK! Give us your suggestions on how we can make the experience better at sales@doghouse.com


We got some amazing contributions to our Skyrim “Arrow to the Knee” MS Paint contest! Take a look at them right here.

We had to pick a winner though, and the winner was John C’s amazing comic entry! Congratulations John!

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