12 Days of Sith


12 Days of Sith

We love to host contests and we recently ran one through The Instance: The Old Republic edition for $50 in J!nx gold. The contest was for a Star Wars themed “12 Days of Christmas” parody. Our winning entry, submitted by Dustin F, was excellent and we’re sharing it here:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, The Empire gave to me…
Twelve Jedi’s in carbonite
Eleven Power converters
Ten Wootini’s
Nine Lightsaber crystals
Eight Bantha Fodder
Seven Slaves to torture
Six Twi’lek braintails
Five Tosche Station gift cards
Four Droids I wasn’t looking for
Three bottles of blue milk
Two Wookie rugs
And a Republic officer with a shattered knee
I hope you had a very Sith Christmas!

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  • Jan 9, 2012 @ 13:55 pm

    Now perhaps you all see the true power of of the dark side!

    The ability to masterfully craft Christmas parodies is one of the lesser discussed aspects of the dark side. Most Sith prefer to walk along the path of force choke, force lighting maybe. No, I say! Caroling is the ultimate destructive tool in a Sith’s arsenal. You would do well to remember that, young ones.

    (Thank you guys at DogHouse for having this awesome contest. Coming up with that parody was good fun!)


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